Friday, January 7, 2011

They really do say the darndest things!

This is a quick post to share some things Will has asked me lately:

1. Mommy, does the Devil have bones?

2. Mommy, do Angels have bones?

3. Mommy, why did God choose Mary to have The King Of Kings (He really did!)

4. Mommy, why were you born before me? (He asks this at least 10 times per day! I got so tired of answering it that I finally said, "Will I give you the same answer everyday...if you don't believe me then ask Jesus!)

5. Mommy, which is meaner...the grinch or the devil?

6. Recently, when we picked up Wes from the sitter...Will looked around and asked Teresa, "How did you pay for all this"

7. He also asked me if Jesus had sketchers...or something like had to do with Jesus and a pair of :)

8. we have church in the mornin if I'm sick? Me: no, but you are better now so we will be goin. "Well mommy I think I'm gonna be sick then"

The list goes on and on! There is never a dull moment with him!

At Amazing Glaze the other day, he says to me (and there are people all around us) "Mommy, why do you always say bad words" (First of all, I don't!) I said "Will I don't say bad words" He said "mommy you are tellin a story" So I start laughing and he starts laughing because we both know that he is puttin on a show! I said, ok if I say bad things then what do I say...he said "you call me stupid and you call me a pretty princess" all the while he is laughing so hard he can barely answer me...and so is his audience! He is normally so quiet, but not that day! And I promise you, I don't say bad words!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Birthday Post

I want to start by acknowledging Darel's birthday. It's 11:48pm as I type this, and he would have been seventy-five today. It's always been easy for me to remember his birthday since ours is one day apart. I will be thirty-four tomorrow (six minutes away to be exact) and he had been in my life since I was only three. Happy Birthday Darel...I love and miss you very much.

It's been over five months since my last post, and since it's now my birthday (12:03am) I figured I would list thirty-four random things about myself that you may or may not know.

1. I was born on December 30, 1976 in Dothan, snowed that year, a lot!

2. My name is Jennifer Kelly, and I was almost Jennifer Shelly. My granny Horton wanted my mom to name me Agatha (God rest her soul...)

3. As a child, my favorite show was The Price Is Right...and if you asked me my name I would always tell you "Jennifer Kelly Horton come on down"

4. At twenty-two months old, I almost died from simply inhaling a liquid that was used to put livestock (such as cows) to sleep. My stomach had to be pumped and it is truly a miracle that I survived. I still have a small scar as a reminder.

5. I have 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers...and I am the "middle child"

6. I attended three elementary schools: A school in Springfield, Ma., Lovell Elem in Apopka, then NSPS in Wildwood. I started NSPS at the end of my 2nd grade year.

7. I once broke into a school...while on a double date. We didn't actually "break in"...we simply lifted the window and crawled in! Very different! Really!

8. I use to think my eyes were purchased at Sears

9. I share a birthday with Tiger Woods, Lebron James, & Matt Lauer

10. I love to read

11. I was voted "best dancer" in the 8th grade (so corny!)

12. My best friend and I actually won a dance-off at a club in Leesburg (too funny!)

13. I have had the same two best friends for 18 years...we actually have a dinner date next Tuesday ;)

14. I am really good at keeping secrets.

15. I graduated from USF in May 2001

16. My favorite job (while in school) was working in the jewelry dept. @ Service Merchandise

17. I have been a teacher for four years and I LOVE what I do (although this is by far my most challenging year!)

18. My first car was an 86 Toyota Camry

19. My 3rd car was the first one I purchased, it was a 99 Chevy Malibu (and my least favorite car)

20. I learned how to drive by driving an old Chevy around the pastures at my house in Oxford

21. I Consider myself a leader. I have never been a follower!

22. Before I had children, I never cried. Now I cry over sad commercials.

23. I have a really, really bad temper...if provoked.

24. I am optimistic, and a procrastinator.

25. I often play the role of devils advocate

26. I miscarried my first baby in December 2005

27. I love a good nap! I could seriously take one daily.

28. I have been in two car accidents. Neither was my fault.

29. I have not had a speeding ticket since 98

30. I was the President of my Senior Class

31. I was voted Homecoming queen my senior year (it was obviously a popularity contest and not based on looks!)

32. My little brother and sister call me "Jitt Jitt", and to some of my family I am "Jennabug"

33. I LOVE the beach! Especially the gulf coast beaches.

34. I love my husband and my boys, my life really is so blessed!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A difficult week.

This week will be, and has been one of the toughest weeks I've had in a long time. This is my last week at home with my boys as a SAHM. I thought I was ready to go back to work, I thought I was ready for "adult conversation" and "a paycheck". But to be honest, I want to stay home. I'm am breaking apart inside, and I want nothing more than to wake up to the sound of Wes banging his passi on the crib and not to the sound of loud beeps. I want to make cinnamon rolls for my boys and watch Nick Jr. I want to go outside and sit on the porch while Wes is in his bouncer, and while Will runs in his "fast shoes". I can catch up on "adult conversation" another day. And I would continue budgeting on one paycheck forever. I want to stay home...but we have planned this and I have accepted a position at WMHS. I know I will get "use to it" but my heart is in a million pieces right now.

I am also sad because Will has to stay at pre-school all day (till 3pm). I'm sad that he has to nap on a mat and not in his bed holding his favorite pillow.

I'm sad that Wes will be with a sitter that has more than one child. I am so thankful for her, don't get me wrong. But I wish a family member could keep him and give him that "one-on-one attention" that I gave him.

I'm sad....because I really want to stay home.

I will miss taking them to Ckick-fil-a for breakfast.

I will miss taking them to the pool.

I will miss watching them drive each other crazy.

I will miss the eight hours a day that I am about to lose with them.

I just want to be home with my boys....

I am also sad because the man that I called my step-dad for the past thirty years, is dying. He has days to live. One day I will write a post just about him. Many of you know him...Darel is his name. He is a huge part of my life...and I'm so sad that my days with him are numbered.

This is such a hard week for me friends...I can barely see my screen to type. My days with Darel are numbered, my days as a SAHM are numbered, watching daily milestones with Wes are's just a hard week and I will probably cry more this week than I have in a very long time.

I really want to stay home....

And I'm not ready to send my step-dad home...

Monday, June 28, 2010

A few updates

I don't know why...but I feel like I need to explain myself in regards to my last post.

I have stressed my desire for a "simple" life. I guess I'm just tired of clutter. I look around at all the stuff in my home and I can't believe I have accumulated so much. None of it means anything to me really. And Will has more toys than he knows what to do with. What I mean by simple...I guess I just want less stuff. I want to entertain Will more than I want him to be entertained by his toys. I don't want Nick Jr to teach him the things that I need to be teaching him. I know what I'm feeling and's just hard to put it all in words without talking in circles. I'm sure you get the point though :)

Well...I did not get the gifted position. There were three interviews given, and of the three I was the only one NOT certified. So I wasn't chosen, and that's ok. BUT the ESE Head told me that she recommended that I move forward with my certification. She said I had a great interview and thinks I would be a great fit for the position. Unfortunately she "had" to go with someone that was certified (which I expected). She also said she would like to see that area grow, and might possibly hire a 2nd person in the future. So I do plan on working on my certification.

On August 2nd I will resume my previous position as "special needs" ESE teacher. I am actually looking forward to going back to work. Will starts VPK in August, and my neighbor will keep Wes at my house. So I feel good about how everything will work out :)

I am looking forward to these next 5 weeks and being home with my boys. I plan on making the most of our time.

Lastly, Wes turns one on July 7th! He isn't walking just yet, at least not on his own. He walks around everything as long as he's holding on to something..he just won't let go.

I'm getting Will's & Wes' pictures done tomorrow and I can't wait :) I will be sure to post them here and on facebook.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yet another random post...

Well, school is officially out as of Friday June 11th. I can't believe Wes is 11 months, and I can't believe Will starts VPK in August! Where does the time go?!

Wes has not started walking yet. He walks all around the furniture but always holds on! When we try to work with him, he immediately sits. He is such a stinker! It looks like he plans on doing things in HIS time! He is doing some talking..not too much though. He can say mama, dada, nana, and buba (I'm not sure if he actually realizes what he's sayin, lol) OH...and he growls! It's the funniest thing but can be so aggravating! I can't wait till he can actually communicate with us!

Will is such a special little boy. He amazes me with his deep love for family and friends. I've told you all before, but he tells me he loves me more times than I can count in a day. And he tells his friends he loves them too. Sadly, most of them don't reply but Will doesn't care. He just wants them to know he loves them. He really is so sweet spirited.

I have an interview tomorrow for the Gifted Teacher position...FINALLY! If I don't get the position, I truly will be fine with that. I have prayed for God's if the door opens, then I know it's God's will. If the door closes, I know it's God's will. I have completely put this in HIS hands and want the position ONLY if it's meant to be.

We have not put our house up for sale yet. I think we will do so in August or September.

Oh, Will was voted "Most Athletic" is his pre-k superlatives. I was NOT surprised! You should seriously see him hit a ball, swing a club, throw a football, etc. He amazes me and Joey with his strength! Also, he JUST turned 4 and wears a size 13 shoe and sizes 5 & 6 in boys. We are completely out of the toddler section! He was actually out of the toddler section before he turned 4. Of course Joey is a proud daddy ;)

I told you this would be random.

I have a strong desire to have a very simple life. Not that my life is super glamorous, or incredibly busy. But I truly have no desire to buy "things" and collect "things". I'd love to sell everything I own that's unnecessary. Seriously! I was in nanny's house last night and it's so small! And I thought...I'd be so happy here. My house is about 1900 square feet (average size) and her house is about 1000 square feet (maybe!) and I would welcome the change! Half the things that consume our lives just sit there! We walk past our "things" but rarely do we use them! So why have them! And toys!? Our kids really don't want "things" either! Pay attention to your children...what they want is YOUR attention! Call me crazy...but I really want a simple life. I don't ever want Wii or Xbox (or whatever is popular) to keep my kids attention. I want to be outside with them, playing and making memories. To me, that's simple.

Don't get me wrong...I eventually want to build a nice home for my family. But I still want a simple life when I live in it. I don't want to live beyond my means. I don't want everything I own to be financed (and it's not now thank God!). I want us to go camping, and fishing, and hunting....and to the beach ;) What I don't want is all the latest, greatest "gadgets" and "things". Am I making sense?

I told you this would be random.

Anyway, I will keep you posted about my position.

And everything else ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching Up

Well, this post will be very random. Scattered in thoughts mostly. But I wanted to share whats going on with me :)

I plan on going back to work on August 2nd, although I have no idea of the position I will be in. I applied for the Gifted Teacher position, and it's the top one on my list! I really want that position so bad! I was offered the position back when I was pregnant with Will, but for many reasons I decided to stay with SunTrust and it worked out for the best that way. I also applied for an elementary position at Lake Pan. I'm hoping to get called this upcoming week for interviews. I have spoken to Hamp and I am welcome to come back to WMHS, but he cannot tell me which position will be available for me until the 2nd week in June. He knows I have applied for other positions and supports me 100%. He really has been so great to work with! So please keep me in your prayers! Please pray (cough, cough...that I will get the Gifted position) for God's will ;)

Wes will be one year old on July 7th! That's maybe 6 or 7 weeks away! Can you believe how quickly time has passed! He is so wonderful, and we are so blessed to have him! Will is a perfect big brother and I'm just so proud of him!

Joey and I are thinking seriously about selling our house. If we invested the money to fix it the way we wanted it, then we would not even break even on selling our home. As it stands now, we would make money.

We are thinking of selling our home (if in this economy it does sell) and renting Nanny's house for maybe one or two years. Our goal is to continue living solely off Joey's pay and completely banking mine. Then in about 2 years, we would either build or buy a house that suits our family's needs. Her house is incredibly small! Only 2 bedrooms, and 1 it would be a big change and a sacrifice of space. But in the end, we would have a NICE down payment and our only debt would be our home. And it wouldn't be a bad debt because we will have put down more than 20% and could probably do a 15 year mtg on a home that we planned on living in for a long time. What do you guys think?? Has anyone ever done anything like this? Let me know your thoughts, concerns, etc. We still have to talk to Nanny's kids (Joeys mom and her two brothers) but I'm sure they would have no problem with us renting. And Joey and I have to decide if this is what we really want to do. It sounds like a good idea to us at the moment.

(Cyndi your dad doesn't know our plan just yet but I do know the three siblings are looking to rent her house out to help cover the upkeep, land taxes, etc)

I have been working with a personal trainer for about 6 weeks (I had a gold party and my income paid for the trainer!) Now my time is up and I work out on my own. My trainer really pushed me and now I feel so much better about what to do when I am on my own. I didn't lose any weight but I feel so much stronger, and more knowledgeable. I use to leave the gym with barely a little moisture on my neck (before I used a personal trainer)...but now when I leave I have to shower immediately! It's really a great feeling! I work out 3 days a week for a little over an hour each visit. I have also been doing the "couch to 5k" at the gym. Running on the treadmill is a great way to start. It gets my blood and heart pumping and I am energized to keep up the pace for the remaining hour.

Wes was dedicated on Mother's Day! That was very special for me! We had Will dedicated on Mother's Day also. :)

Well....that's all I can think of right now! My family is blessed daily, we are happy, in love, and thankful for our lives together!!!

Hope all is well with you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time well spent. Time wasted.

Lately...I have thought about my life in general. The older I get, the more I value my life, each moment I have, and how I can best live my life. I'm starting to realize all the things that really matter...but most importantly, I am realizing the many things that do not matter at all.

Think about what I just typed. Why is it more important to realize those things that "don't matter?"

Well...if you think about it, we allow our lives to be consumed with crap!

If you stop focusing on "crap" then maybe you can actually use your imagination to do and try new things. Like: Spend time with people that you know you need to. Show Love more. Say "I love you" more often. Get off your cell phone for a change. Actually turn it off while your driving. Sign on your computer only when the children are napping or are in bed for the night. Love on your animals. Go for a walk, go to the park, have a picnic...the list goes on. Use your imagination.

Ask yourself some of these questions, if they don't apply to you, sit back and think of your own.

***Scenario*** American Idol was great tonight...that Lee and Casey guy sure are cute. Hey why don't I post a question on FB...and say something like..."Who will leave Idol tonight?"....that will probably get a lot of posts!

***Seriously...does it matter who wins Idol this season? Can you remember right off the top of your head who won season 3? Do you go out and buy their CD's? What could you have done for 2 hours that was actually memorable? What did you gain by watching Idol? The answer? Entertainment. It's all about entertainment!!

I could have used Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars, Desperate Housewives, Glee, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, etc.

Why do we allow JUNK to JUNK up our lives? I am guilty! But I realize it and I want to change!

If I live for Tuesday nights because of Idol, what am I gaining? Do I walk away having learned something? NO! I was simply entertained.

If I look forward to what Gabby is going to do this Sunday on Desperate Housewives, then what does that say about me? It says I look forward to a story that isn't real. I look forward to the "entertainment" and what it does for me.

If I put Wes down at 11am every morning so that I can watch THE VIEW, and I get mad because he won't go to sleep and is crying....then I seriously need to check myself. When THE VIEW is over...what will I have walked away with? Did I learn something new that I can apply to my life or was I entertained?

Listen friends...I am a fan of sitcoms and reality TV. And I record these shows. But from the bottom of my heart, I try to watch them only when my chores are done, and the kids are napping. There is a time for everything. And...if for some reason Idol didn't record..guess what? I DON'T CARE! I truly don't! These things do not consume me!

I love how Janet tried something new/different and took her kids to the park. I'm sure the satisfaction she felt, seeing her kids so happy....was far more satisfying than a show she recorded and finally watched. One year from now, she will not remember the details of her "show" but I can guarantee she and her children will remember that picnic! (Hope you don't mind me using you as an example!!)

I could go on and on. I could use hundreds of examples. But, it all boils down to this. Think about what you are doing right now, or what you have done so far today up until this point. If you could replay your moments, which ones would you omit? Which ones would you have used as a learning experience for your children (Thank you Jeanne) rather than yelling at them or spanking them? Which moments would you redo with more passion? Before you do something...ask yourself this..."Will I walk away from this with more knowledge? Will I make a difference by doing this? Will I miss an opportunity if I continue?"

I challenge each of you to omit something from your day that is routine. And add something new in it's place. But make that something GREAT :) Get off your butt, stop watching so much TV, stop texting, turn your cell phone off, play games with your children, don't let NICK JR raise your kids, wash those dishes later.

It's ok to make time for "junk". But use your own time. Not your family's time.

We are all guilty.